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 Self Enlightenment
Author Mayan 
A Stepping Stone on the Spiritual Path.
This book, which is written in Mayan's maiden name, gives practical advice on meditation, visualisation, the Aura.  Examining our life direction, creating a mind map, Astrology, the Universe of the Solar System (a guided meditation tour), the Tree of Life, and meditations, including the popular 'Colours' visualisation.
Unveil Your Psychic Spiritual Powers
Author Mayan Lynch
This book is a full course explaining how to be more aware of your own intuition and includes the experiences of people using the tools in this book.
Unveil Your Psychic Spiritual Powers will take you on the same journey to help you develop your own skills. The chapters are fun, inspiring and informative.
The Practical Tree of Life - Truth Knowledge and Wisdom
Author Mayan Lynch

This is a course book put together with original diagrams and original writings that spanned a period of study in the Tree of Life concepts.
There are rare instructions and knowledge. This book can help to discover your purpose.
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