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Meditation brings calmness, peace of mind, inspiration gratitude and compassion. Meditation reduces stress levels considerably. 
The benefits of learning to meditate are endless, better sleep, better mood, stop addictions, letting go of stress. Relieves pain, enables a clearer mind, more self-confidence, and more motivation to look after one's health.

Better healing, better breathing, relaxed muscles, looking younger. Being in the presence of mindfulness, attentive with purpose. each one of us has a purpose that benefits others. That purpose is always to serve 

The distractions that blindfold us from our life purpose are released following regular meditating we achieve an inner feeling of oneness with greater energy that spills over into our outer life.  We become mindful in our activities in our day to day living  and  aware of the wonders of being mindful with a reliable inner-guidance, gut feelings intuition.

Imagine a world where people are all working from their hearts. All acts of cruelty and everything that resides under this title could not exist. We would all live in a beautiful world - everyone living in perfect harmony with a great love for all sentient life including our planet. 

Not possible people say but there's no harm in helping to create it in a positive way.  If not the whole world then at least the world that we live in. Our own bubble: family, work and responsibilities.
As we each improve ourselves we have a positive effect that permeates into everyone around us.
When we are still and meditate we send out a frequency of peace and gratitude that helps to make our world a better place.  We receive clarity of thought with a deeper understanding.  This enables us to live from our heart instead of the head.




Golden Goddess
anti-aging face cream

Vegan Festival Bournemouth 
Calendula Flower Ointment
Is a very nourishing skin tonic. Made with organic calendula flower its one of the best ointments for dry skin.
Amazing for very dry hands and also can be used sparingly on dry skin on the face.
In fact anywhere on the body where dry skin is i.e. also elbows and feet.
     Fairy Festival 2015